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Green Recycled Parts

Modern Auto Recycling

Good for the Earth

Re-using quality parts from another vehicle is perhaps the purest form of recycling. Not only will you be preventing a mountain of waste from ending up in landfill, you’ll be reducing the need for new products to be manufactured. That saves energy and resources and reduces the harmful emissions that result from the manufacturing process.

The Ultimate Environmental Choice

Fast Environmental Facts

The Green Recycled Parts Process

What Happens to Your Car?

What happens with all the components? Take a look…

Anti-freeze & Washer Fluid

Freon and Other Refrigerants

Doors & Body Panels






Mercury Swiches

Good for Your Wallet

You’ll significantly reduce your vehicle repair cost without sacrificing quality when you make the switch to recycled green parts. In fact, road-tested and guaranteed green parts are generally about half the price of new OEM replacement parts.

Same Quality, Way Lower Price

When Your Car’s on the Hoist, Remember You Have a Choice

Good for Your Vehicle

You can rest assured that the recycled parts you purchase will be right for your vehicle because they’re the original OEM parts made for your vehicle — the original specifications, the perfect fit, the right performance.

Original Parts at a Fraction of the Price

Quality Tested

Available at Your Fingertips

Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association

Progressive Auto Recycling